WP Simulator Video Review

WP Simulator – Best software to fix, test & develop Your WordPress sites faster & easier than using a live web host

WP Simulator is a local hosting environment that will allow you to fix, test & develop WordPress sites faster & easier than using a live web host. As a user of WP Simulator you will run a 100% genuine version of WordPress on your PC/MAC with 12 WordPress test sites pre-configured & ready to use! It will make you less dependent on your host for development. It will certainly make you more efficient in your web development and creation everyday. This Software Runs Faster Than any Standard Configuration – Guaranteed!

Before we go to find out WP Simulator features, let’s me talk a little about this software.

WP simulator Video Review

As far as I know information, the product price will increase to $ 1 if there are 20 peoples to buy products. The original price was $ 17 and now is $ 39. You should take a quick decision before product prices continue to rise. Hope this information will help you. And you can scroll down below to see what you can get when you buy this product.



An Only Honest WP Simulator Review


Main Product – WP Simulator – What Is It?

#1 WordPress Site Development Tool – Made Easier & Better! Allows Users to Develop/Test/Fix/Backup WordPress Sites FASTER on your PC’s/MACs

WP Simulator is pre-configured server software that allows the user to easily run WordPress on a PC or MAC. It’s a locahost environment with multiple ready to use WordPress installs & invaluable site development/test tools. Whatever the customer’s skill level – they will love it!

For the first time ever customers can use this without editing PHP, setting up MYSQL or configuring Apache – it installs just 3 steps & bypasses all the standard configuration typically required.

WP Simulator Review – Unique Points:

1. Faster Development Speed – with no internet lag it’s like running WordPress on steroids – pages load much quicker.
2. Theme/Plugin Testing – it’s a way to test themes & plugins off-line, cleaning site wide links, preventing plugin clashes
3. Troubleshooting – It’s a way to find & resolve common WordPress errors, such as lockouts, clashes & bugs.
4. Backup – use it to backup/fix/store your live WordPress sites so if WordPress upgrade or a plugin update causes a problem – you have a resource to fix your sites quickly rather than hunting for stuff that’s no longer availabe to download.

WP Simulator runs 100% real versions of PHP/Apache/MySql/PHP MyAdmin – and the enviroment will behave exactly like a well configured live host other than the development sites will be firewalled off & private. WordPress & plugins will also upgrade just like on a real web server.

You feel it interesting? It’s really increased Productivity & Peace of Mind. Take a look of this tool.

So… What’s The #1 WordPress Tool Used By Millions of Pros That Delivers The BIGGEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT? Let me clarify for you the unique features of this tool.

WP Simulator Overview – Features:

1. WP Simulator: Install, Fix, Test, Backup…. fastest ever.

Have you ever…

  • Found Creating Sites Annoyingly Slow?
  • Lost a Long Post in a Failed WP Update?
  • Had a Plugin Clash or a Buggy Theme?
  • Been Locked Out of Wp Admin?
  • Seen the White Screen of Death?

But, you can create a Localhost the hard way or the easy wayWP Simulator will help you.

To create a single local web host environment correctly involves croping and editing apache config files, php ini’s, creating MySQL databases, editing wp config files & building a multi step WordPress set up! To create WP Simulator – each of our mutisite developer environment It took 178 steps + tweaks to apache & php config files – so it takes time and effort & patience. Yet the pain will be worthwhile as WordPress developers worldwide take advantage of this tool more than another ….

With a Localhost It is possible to keep a working backup coming from all Your Sites.

WP Simulator is really a local hosting environment that will help you fix, test & develop WordPress sites faster & easier than utilizing a live web host. It makes you less dependent on your host for development & I’m certain it’ll make you more efficient in your day by day website creation/testing like it does in my opinion.

As a user of WP Simulator you may run a 100% genuine version of WordPress on the PC/MAC with12 WordPress test sites pre-configured & prepared to use!

WP Simulator Operates More rapidly when compared with any kind of Standard Setup – Secured!

In the event you truly manage to create a localhost environment your self you’ll detect is in which it’s not too rapidly no matter the actual velocity of your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER. Lots of this specific lag is going to be because of improperly configured server controls – WP Simulator is configured pertaining to optimal effectiveness from your outset – an individual don’t need to invest tinker having any kind of controls. We assure in which WP Simulator will be the best installable & quickest carrying out localhost or your dollars back again!

WP simulator can set up localhost without the pain. …in 3 Steps – Want to know more? – Click here.

You wouldn’t be the first to mess things up…

WordPress Pros take a snapshot of a working site then recreate it on a localhost before they start messing. They use localhosts to test, fix & play with stuff without consequence. Lets face it, any mistakes on live servers could result in:

+ Site Downtime

+ Lost Sales

+ Loss of Ranking

+ Technical Problems

+ Law Suits

2. WP Simulator: Speed up your site.

Hardly the way to speed wordpress pages have been built in WP Simulator. Let’s find out.

+ Using caching – Cache

In the speeding WordPress blog can not not mention this step because it will help you lose up to 70% of the burden of the server as well as page load time.

If you use a VPS, Dedicated Server, the cache is even more important than ever.

+ Use minify

Minify cache compression technology and lightweight components CSS and Javascript on the website. Typically a website we have a lot of different files but CSS and Javascript with this technology it will compress all into one single file, then remove the white space to note that file becomes lighter . After finishing lightweight, minify will make an important task is to create a cache on the host to minimize the query sent to the server to execute the CSS or JavaScript files there.

+ Disburden CSS

Typically, each CSS file often contains many non-critical components such as notes, blanks, code duplication, redundant characters, … vv. Things cause significant obstacle to the speed of the website, so please disburden all CSS files in the website.

+ Compress / decrease image size

If you blog or use images like I can not skip this step for image compression slightly more blog to load faster.

+ Gzip – gzip File Compression

Gzip compression will reduce the maximum response time by reducing the amount downloaded from HTTP protocol. It can compress the static elements on websites such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, but in theory, and 1 cases, it can work with XML and JSON.

+ Use the Browse Caching

Imagine this, when you visit a website then any browser to download all required components for a website to be able to analyze and display it. And each time the browser access are required to do this job, take some time, if you regularly on a certain website.

So Browse Caching solution means that it will create a cache of a website and store it on the computer, since the next visit will bring the browser cache data in this place without having to implement reload again.

+ Saves the MySQL Database

You also know that WordPress can now add auto save draft posts after a certain time. This can be very handy for you, but it makes the size of your database to bulge if you do not clean it regularly.

+ Optimize database

For a long time, your database will generate a number of components into which waste is stored after each command executed from the server. So there’s nothing more you take the initiative to clean it after a certain time.

WP Simulator is similar to the particular Fastpass to be able to WordPress world wide web progress. The idea extends an actual type connected with WordPress on your personal computer & It’ll respond & replace as being a actual server. The sole difference will be it’s more rapidly, firewalled off of & definitely not obvious on the community. Ideal suitable?

Therefore, no more logging on your FTP bill to be able to dump data files, no more occasion lags in between publishing written content – you’ll work more rapidly than previously.

All the hard work above was WP simulator resolved, what are you waiting for?

3. WP Simulator: Test new plugins, themes.

Avoid On-Line Problems with Off-Line Tests! In fact, online testing is a bet, you can take all the data in 1 second. Or just a small error, but you have fix the entire system. So it’s really difficult for the inexperienced persons. Even people who have experience as I have encountered many times.

With WP Simulator you can test any theme or plugin locally – if something breaks or doesn’t work right it doesn’t matter – the site’s not live – you have time to look up the FAQ’s, you speak to tech support without stressing. You’ll find it’s usually something silly! Why spoil a productive mood?

That’s not all, there are more than 3 WP Simulator features that are sure to surprise you about it.

Click here to make sure you do not miss it.

So What Makes WP Simulator Unique?

12 Ready WordPress Test/Development Environments + Site Developer Tools

WP Simulator Comes with 10 Clean WordPress Installations ready for anything you want to play with & 1 Specially Configured WordPress Installations for many of the common tasks you may wish to carry out such as testing themes/sites with tools need for the task

1 WP Simulator Test Environment with a Populated Site
– This environment is a filled site geared for testing themes with a mock up website
– You will also find a some site testing plugins which will help you isolate any issues
1 Older WordPress Version Test Environment
-  if your site is has recently broken you may want to keep an old version handy to test theme compatibility
10 Blank WordPress Environments
-  for you to use in any manner you wish, your own sites for example…

Wordpress Simulator

Main Product: Download

WP Simulator

This is a set of 12 pre-configured WP localhost test environments – which you can install easily in just 3 steps

40 Cleaned Themes

Bonus #1: Download

40 Cleaned Themes

This is a collection of the best cleaned GPU themes that you can use on any project you wish without any hidden site wide links that could cause you ranking Issues

Ready Pages & Theme Tests

Bonus #2: Download

Ready Pages & Theme Tests

This is a collection of Ready to Use Pages & Neat Page Elements geared to help you create content faster.

BlogDefender - WordPress Security Checklist

Bonus #3: Download

Recommended Plugins

This is a collection of our favorite, most used & most reliable plugins.

Essential Plugin Tutorial

Bonus #4: Video Tutorial

Essential Plugin Tutorial

This is a video tutorial which will show you how to use the essential plugins that we would advise you to use on every site.

How to Fix WordPress

Bonus #5: Video Tutorial

WordPress Fast Class

See how to set up WordPress correctly without making silly errors & how to configure it so it does what you want from the start.

BlogDefender - WordPress Security Checklist

Bonus #6: Video Tutorial

How to Fix WordPress Faults

Watch & learn how to fix the most common WordPress faults – Save yourself a pile of time & stress!

Click Download  to get it NOW!tải xuống

WP Simulator Extra bonus+ 6 Insider Secrets!

WP Simulator Backup & Restore

Insider Secret #1: Video Tutorial

How to Backup/Restore WP Simulator

Over time you will add & change WP Simulator to suit your own needs – we’ll show you how to backup it up & restore it.

WP Theme Cleaner

Insider Secret #2: Video Tutorial

How to Test & Clean Themes

Learn to use special plugins to analyse your themes, find & edit out or detune hidden links.

Wordpress The Essential Plugins

Insider Secret #3: Download

The Essential Plugins

This is a download of the plugins we use on almost all sites we run!

Wordpress - The Time Saver Plugin

Insider Secret #4: Video Tutorial

The Time Saver Plugin

See which plugin is going to save you a whole pile of time when you set up new WordPress sites

wordpress - Get Out of Jail Solutions

Insider Secret #5: Video Tutorial

WP Getting Out of Jail Solutions

Learn how to solve some tricky problems that will come across at some point – this will get you out of a tight fix.

Wordpress - Hiding Admin Areas

Insider Secret #6: Video Tutorial

Hiding Admin Areas

Learn to hide certain parts of your admin from your site users to prevent others playing with stuff they shouldn’t



With WP Simulator you can…

☆  Build WordPress Sites on your PC/MAC with/without a Web Connection  ☆
☆  Fix Broken Sites & Work on Live Sites Off-line  ☆
☆  Test Plugins & Themes Without Uploading to a Live Host  ☆
☆  Solve Plugin Clashes & Bugs Off-Line  ☆
☆  Clean up/Ditch Dirty Themes Before You Use!  ☆
☆  Create WordPress Sites & Content Without Web Lag  ☆
☆  Make as Many Mistakes as You Like Without Consequence  ☆
☆  Back up Your Development Work in Minutes not Hours  ☆
☆  Test Your Live Site Backups  ☆

Nikki Stevens
Nikki Stephens

Nikki Stephens – www.nikkistephens.com
“Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re too small or not important enough to be hacked! I’ve found out that I’ve had bots in the backend of my sites, making alterations and changing things around, so there’s no telling what damage they’ve caused.

I’ve had my main blog for over 3 years now, and the thought of losing all the hard work I’ve put into it is just devastating, not to mention costly! I have a shared hosting plan, so of course once they can get into one site, they can also access the others.

Luckily, I now have the procedures detailed within Blog Defender in place so that I can prevent the vast majority of this ever happening again. Once you’ve secured one site it gets a lot quicker to secure all subsequent sites.

With Blog Defender, you get easy-to-follow videos, along with a detailed checklist that you can download. You are literally walked through the process of securing your blog against hackers, which has given me real peace of mind.

This is a growing issue that all website owners are facing; so it isn’t going to go away. Prevention is better than cure, particularly as some of the nastier hacks around can literally ruin your business.

So do yourself a favour – get your sites protected now, before it’s too late.”

 Simon Hodgkinson
Simon Hodgkinson

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… The truth is yes you do and you need it now.

I’ve been in the online business for 10+ years and had my fair share of hacked sites which have cost me time and money (lots of it)… I’ve also seen a good number of people have their reputations and entire businesses left in tatters when their sites have been hacked.

Right now is the time to act, because when it’s too late, well basically you’ll be screwed (and you’ll regret the day you passed over such a great opportunity to protect yourself for so little). And by the way, if you think your web host will come to your rescue think again, you’ll be on your own, paying to put things right and suffering the cost of lost sales and business.

This is a seriously good product and if you rely on WordPress to make you money online then it’s nothing less than essential. Buy it, follow Matt’s expert advice and don’t end up another victim!”

 John Thornhill
John Thornhill

John Thornhill – www.johnthornhill.com
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Kathe Lucas
Kathe Lucas

Kathe Lucas – http://wackycentral.com
“Hi Guys, WOW! Thanks so much for a quick preview… I sure wish I’d had this before I lost over a dozen blogs just recently. Okay, it was my fault for not securing things more, BUT… I didn’t have a handy, current reference like this to turn to for quick help either. ;)

Guys, thank you so much for putting BOTH of these great products together – I was up until the wee hours, and I’ll be loaded for bear in 2013! Great Job!”

 David Walker
David Walker

David Walker – www.inboxrockstar.com
“My business is built around the WordPress platform and I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve been slack in the security department. However, Matt’s training soon put that right! I followed each detailed video to the letter and discovered some incredible security tricks and plugins I’d never heard of before.

Better still, all the plugins were free to download too! The end result? My WordPress membership site is now locked down tighter than Parkhurst at midnight and if anybody tries hacking it, I’ll be the first to know! Thanks again Matt, I’m off to secure the rest of the blogs in my portfolio!”

 Micheal Nicholas
Micheal Nicholas

Micheal Nicholas – Impact Info Marketing
” Since working with blogs, I… like many others, have been concerned about how to handle the constant threat of blog attacks. After having a look at Blog Defender you can’t help but become most aware of the vulnerable areas all bloggers need to protect.

Blog Defender is viable WordPress blog security prevention system that offers video instruction along with 3 software plugins that are free to download. The instruction shows the optimum settings on how to use the free plugins that will allow you top level force against blog hacker attacks.

Simply put, Matt’s Blog Defender will keep your blogs safe from being hacked providing effective protection that is needed in today’s blogosphere. Don’t be caught without the necessary counter-measures needed to keep your blogs safe from attacks… Blog Defender has you covered.”

Richard Legg
Richard Legg

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The great thing about these ‘over the shoulder’ videos is that you get to see exactly how to do everything, so it doesn’t matter if you’re technically challenged. Just copy what you see on the screen, and then relax knowing your blogs are safe.

(Just one of the tips in the first video alone could probably have prevented my blogs getting hacked) I even noticed one or two tips in there that help with SEO too … so following these videos could even bring your blogs more traffic!”

So Take Action & Transform The Way You Work Today!